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Rosmerta Technologies plays a major role in adding on to the Smart-Card based Driver’s License project in India. The driving licence is a chip-based ID document that entitles a specific person to drive a certain category of vehicle. The microprocessor securely stores a high-resolution picture of the holder, his/her blood type, and the drivers’ credentials to enable digital signature. The chip also contains the history of driver’s fines, allowing the transit authorities to easily monitor driver’s behaviour on the roads and could, in the future, be used for insurance companies to calculate policy costs. Fingerprint and facial picture of the driver are encoded in the card body. The system allows the authorities to spool information about an individual with the help of a handheld terminal that is carried by the policemen/transport authorities in the streets. This terminal can read the microprocessor of the driving licence, showing on the screen of the handheld device the digitalized picture stored in the chip. The policeman then can see whether it matches the picture encoded in the card body of the driver’s licence. The terminal also encodes a list of most frequent driving penalties and enables the policeman to write into the chip the corresponding code each time the driver breaks the law, as well as other details such as the date and place. One of the major benefit of this smart card-based program lies in the information sharing capability since the chip allows for collecting and sharing information about the driver with other public institutions.

Features of Smart Card DLRC:
· Secure
· Modular and Scalable
· Cost Effective
· Long Life with data retention of more than 10 years
· Interoperability
· Storage and handling of physical and electronic (soft copies) of the documents.
· Smart Card Operating System for Transport Application (SCOSTA) Compliant
· ISO/IEC Compatible
· Centralized web-based management of database